Dynamic QR Codes: What Are They?

Presently there are two types of QR Codes being used in the mobile marketing industry. The first and most popular of these being the “Static” QR Code and the second and less commonly used code is the Dynamic QR Code. Dynamic QR Codes are different in that they give you more control over the information that your QR Code is linked to. With standard or “static” QR Codes, a user creates the code with a specific piece of data that is attached to it, usually the URL of a particular web site, which is then printed on anything from a business card to a billboard. Once the specific data is encoded onto a Static QR Code, it can not be edited or updated, therefore if a company or business owner decides to change the information they have linked to a specific QR Code, they must create a whole new code and marketing campaign. These basic types of QR Codes are the codes being used most frequently in todays various marketing strategies, however, they do not provide users with a lot of flexibility. This is where Static and Dynmaic QR Codes are different. Dynamic QR Codes give users the option to create a code with content that is capable of being edited and updated. When you use a Dynamic QR Code, your visitors are redirected to the information of your choice including a website or video and if at any point in time you wish to change that information, you can do so as often as you would like. This means that your customers are always being linked the newest and most relevant information you have available. Using Dynamic QR Codes also means that you can continuously update your personal or business advertising information with out spending money on re-print fees.