QR Codes In Schools

QR codes refer to a special type of bar code that can contain a lot of information. This type of code includes many black and white squares arranged into a single square on a white background. This code can contain several different types of data. It was first used in the automotive industry to track parts but of late QR codes have begun to be used in restaurants, stores, schools, and more. These codes can contain additional information that can supplement text and lessons. The student simply needs to scan the code, normally with a mobile phone that has the proper reading application. Once the QR code is scanned the information is displayed on the electronic device. Using QR codes in schools is making it easier than ever to track homework and gain access to resources directly related to the projects students are currently involved in.

One particular advantage to using QR codes in schools is the possibility for better student and faculty interaction. These codes provide an easy way for teachers to engage students by allowing direct access to the teacher’s website on the smart phone of the student. Many books are utilizing QR codes as well, and by doing this students are able to participate in additional activities and gain access to new resources. Teachers can also add QR codes to worksheets and other documents as a way to provide additional information to the student. One way a teacher could take advantage of QR codes would be when planning a school field trip to a museum. The plaques on the exhibits only have so much information, and by providing a worksheet with QR codes, additional information can be gathered and made accessible to the students on the specific exhibits and the history behind them. A QR code can even transport the student to a quiz at the end of the trip. Another advantage is that students tend to carry their phone or handheld device with them at all times, therefore have access to the QR code information at all times.

Besides providing additional study information these codes can be used to direct students to web pages providing information on school policy, videos, school web pages and more. These codes can be used to promote special events and even important school news, as the codes can be applied to flyers. This offers new forms of communication between the school and the student.

QR codes may also be utilized by parents to keep track of their students’ progress. With the correct system in place, parents can scan the QR codes and have access to the students’ homework and assigned projects. This way parents can potentially determine when students may need additional help in a specific class or subject. This is a great way to facilitate parent teacher interaction which can be difficult with parents that work, as most schools only have parent teacher conferences once or twice a year. With a QR code the parent can have access to their child’s information and workload.

These codes can also be utilized by clubs, sports teams and other organizations within the school. If practices, games or meetings should be canceled or changed QR codes can be used to keep those involved up to date on the most recent news. This is much more convenient and effective than relying on phone trees or e-mail as not everyone may pick up the phone and does not always have access to e-mail.

QR codes are quick and easy to create using online resources and web pages. The information on the code can be changed and edited at any time by the person that created the code. Therefore these codes can be changed quickly should the schedule change or outdated info need to be replaced.

QR codes can be placed anywhere within the school. Expect to see them popping up more frequently in academic text books. They can be used on posters and worksheets to provide additional information or activities for students. They can be printed out on flyers or posted on bulletin boards and walls for students and teachers to scan. Parents can be provided with a QR code that relates specifically to their child’s schedule and record. They can be utilized in so many ways that the only limitations are the creator’s imagination.

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