QR Codes and Social Media

In today's age, surfing the internet no longer requires us to be glued to a chair in front of a desktop computer. Our societies technology has gone mobile and we are on the move! We have the ability to now take the world wide web with us wherever we may roam with the aid of a mobile phone. With much thanks to the new scanning technology of QR Codes, we can also access a link at almost anytime and anywhere. This is because these two dimensional codes can be placed on real life physical objects and the information they contain can be uploaded with the snap of a smartphone camera!

The beauty of Social QR Codes is that they make it possible for you to link your physical personality with your digital one! This means that anyone you might encounter, be it a new friend, business network or potential employer, can get instantly linked to information you may want to offer them (provided they own a smart phone).

When I say Social Media, what's the first thing you think of? Ahhhhh ha, that's what I though! Facebook! So let's say for instance you are a drummer in a band and you are looking to get some new fans to check out your groups Facebook page. With a Social QR Code for your band, new people you meet can scan your code and within seconds they will be able to “Like” your bands page, post on your facebook wall and instantly access video's and music files that your band has posted. Keep in mind, you don't need to have a band or business in order to take advantage of Social QR Codes. Anyone can create one and it only takes a few minutes.

Although I used Facebook in the example above, do remember that the avenues of Social Media branch out far beyond that including YouTube and Twitter. The possibilities to grow and promote either yourself or your personal projects are endless!

How one man found an original and fun way to connect people to his facebook page using a Lego version of QR Codes!