When Did My Phone Become a Wallet?

For more information, please scan the QR Code shown below” – You must have seen this particular phrase along with a square-shaped image printed in pamphlets, book covers, business cards, etc. If that’s the case, then you've seen a Quick Response or QR Code, a 2D image that is almost similar to a barcode. The key difference between the two is the capacity to handle information. While barcodes could only interact with a few bytes of information, QR codes can handle more and could even store more complex and varied forms of data. The data could be in the form of hyperlinks, text, images, and even videos. Also, QR codes are easier to decode compared to barcodes because all it takes is just a QR code scan from a smartphone and afterwards, the coded digital information would then be revealed.

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So far, smartphones are the most convenient gadgets that you could use to scan QR codes in an instant. Smartphones are compact and can process data faster than any other compact gadget. Also, smartphones are capable in handling several tasks. First of all it is very easy to handle when taking photos. Second, the QR application readers barely have compatibility issues, which make decoding easier to perform. Lastly, smartphones can easily access and navigate through the Internet. However, not all smartphones are QR Code-ready. But still, applications for QR codes are available for download for smartphone brands like Iphone, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and most Android phones. Examples of free downloadable QR Reader applications include NeoReader, ShopSavvy, Barcode Scanner, i-Nigma QR Code Reader and Beetagg.

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It’s been almost two decades since the Quick Response Code was invented by Denso Wave and within that short span of time, several uses of QR Codes were discovered. What used to be tools for tracking car parts are now widely used to advertise and promote various causes and businesses. QR codes now perform various roles in education, document processing, advertising, and more. Probably the most astonishing of all is the capability of QR codes to process online shopping. In Korea, for instance, people use QR codes to shop. In public areas like subways, photos of goods are posted along with their corresponding QR codes. Those people who want to buy such goods simply take out their smartphones, take a photo of the QR Codes for the desired items, and then have them scanned through a QR Code reader. Once the scanning is done, the product orders are processed and the items will soon be delivered to their respective homes. Through this scenario alone, this means that a smartphone would soon be a digital wallet that is capable of functioning like a real one. Soon, TV shopping will follow the same course and so on. All you have to do is sit down, scan a QR code then have your item delivered to you in no time.

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The possibilities of Quick Response Codes for now are endless. A lot of people are convinced that we’ve only scratched the surface on what the QR Codes could do for us. This is one of the reasons why many people still continue to participate in brainstorming activities on how to further develop the Quick Response technology. After all, determining the other uses of QR codes requires a little creativity.